On Sunday, the ladies of our church invited some friends for lunch. I wish I had more pictures!

Pictures can’t really capture this moment, though; Women from different cultures being women together


and one friend’s husband who taught us a little about their faith.

DSCF0249 (640x508)

We shared a meal together- a delicious mixture of Turkish and American foods.

DSCF0251 (640x420)

Our friends brought us Aşure, or Noah’s Pudding, and shared with us about this cultural dessert that brings people together.


We shared conversation, questions, laughs, smiles, and serious moments.

DSCF0254 (640x469)

Thank you to the people who made this afternoon possible (you know who you are). Thank you to everyone who came with open minds and open hearts. I hope you were all as blessed as I was by this beautiful time together.